How to get a job with no CV

In commercial shipping your written CV doesn’t really matter

I’ve spoken with so many commercial shipping pros over the years who don’t have a CV, have never written a CV and who have built successful careers with multiple job changes

How do they do it?

1. They are super well networked and have regular contact with their peers and competitors
2. They have a strong personal brand and many people in the market would speak highly of and recommend them
3. They speak confidently about their responsibilities and present as being highly competent
4. They can clearly explain their achievements, and some of these can be significant
5. They usually have a LinkedIn profile which publicly states employment dates and job titles
6. They can provide credible confidential references either before or after a job offer
7. They usually only change jobs when they get head hunted as they are too busy performing to think about applying to adverts

You can finesse yourself a little in a CV with certain presentation or prose

But 99% of what makes someone great in this market is who you are, what you do and what you have achieved

In commercial shipping your written CV doesn’t really matter


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