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Ignition Global is a boutique global executive search and assessment firm that has successfully placed in over 11 countries worldwide. Ignition Global (“Ignition Global”) take data privacy seriously and maintain a Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to explain how, to what extent and for what purposes we are collecting and subsequently processing personal information on individuals who visit this website or participate in our executive search, talent acquisition and assessment services.

Ignition Global is the responsible entity for processing of your personal data and information on this website, and we are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal data. This Policy is effective as of January 1st, 2023. We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Policy at any time, at our sole discretion, and will inform you if we make material changes by indicating on the Policy the date it was last updated or otherwise. When you visit the website or are engaged with us in connection with our executive search, talent acquisition and assessment services, you are accepting the current version of this Policy as posted on the site at that time.


Our website uses necessary cookies that are required for the website to function. These cookies do not collect any personal information, track your behaviour, or compromise your privacy.

Our Values

We take the utmost care in storing and using the sensitive information entrusted to us by our business partners. We are committed to protecting the reasonable privacy expectations of everyone with whom we do business, including our clients, candidates and employees.

We are privy to a great deal of sensitive information, including confidential information about our clients’ businesses and the professional aspirations of executives. The foundation of all our services and advice of our candidates and clients trusting us with sensitive information and understanding that we only share information consistent with our intentions. They trust us to protect their information and use and maintain it according to our published policies. We cannot continue to serve as a trusted advisor unless we are able to clearly demonstrate our conscientious handling of confidential information and our ability to protect it fully.

The Information We Collect

Ignition Global is an executive search firm and collects a variety of personal data necessary to provide such services in a proprietary and highly confidential database accessible on by Ignition Global Consultants. To provide our clients with executive search and talent acquisition and assessment services and communication and collaboration among employees of Ignition Global, Ignition Global collects and processes information relating to individuals (referred to as “Personal Information”) which typically includes information in a standard curriculum vitae (e.g., name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, employment history, degree(s) and other qualifications, languages and other skills). It may also include, without limitation: age, nationality and race (only to the extent allowed by law), compensation details, a record of our contact history with you and comments from third parties. Our records derive from information collected directly from you, publicly available sources and third parties.

By submitting your information to Ignition Global, by whatever means, you indicate your willingness to disclose information to Ignition Global and to be considered, when appropriate, for one of Ignition Global’s confidential executive searches. If you do not wish to disclose your personal information, Ignition Global will be unable to provide you the services offered by this website, since employment, educational and other personal information is necessary in order to asses your employment opportunities. If you object to your information being shared and transferred in such manner or if you do not wish to participate in this service and benefit from the executive career searches that Ignition Global provides, please do not enter your personal information into the website.

How We Process Personal Information

We will use Personal Information to contact you about executive search or talent acquisition or assessment assignments conducted for our clients that involve the identification, evaluation and/or selection of qualified candidates. In order to present you as a potential candidate to potential employers (Ignition Global clients), your personal information may be shared with clients and/or transferred between Ignition Global’s national office and Consultants. Each Ignition Global office entity is committed to implementing the appropriate data integrity and security measures required of the country in which it resides in order to protect your information.

Data Storage

Your information is maintained on Ignition Global’s CRM database, which is secure and accessible only to Ignition Global employees. Outside the Ignition Global network, your information may also be disclosed on a confidential basis to (a) clients who will also need to process your information for the purposes we have described in this Policy; (b) third parties when required by law; and (c) service providers, but only to the extent necessary to perform work directed by us (such as security services, web hosting, background checking and other administrative services). Personal Information is retained until the purposes have been fulfilled or otherwise required by law.

How Long We Keep Your Data

We will retain your information for up to 4 years or until you directly request for us not to, in order to handle any outstanding or future enquiries. After this time, it will be destroyed.

Disclosures of Personal Information

We are not in the business of selling or renting your information to third parties and do not share your personally identifiable information with others, except as follows: we freely share your information within Ignition Global; we may share your information as required by law or in the interest of protecting or exercising our or others’ legal rights, for example, in connection with court proceedings or requests from law enforcement officials. Also, we reserve the right to use and disclose any information collected via the website that is not in personally identifiable form.

Your Rights

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time or to access and request that we rectify or remove your record from our system(s). When asked to remove a record from our database, Ignition Global will retain minimal Personal Information in order to prevent future contact, to keep a record of the information disclosed to our clients and to preserve Ignition Global’s interests in accordance with any applicable legal requirements. If you withdraw your consent to our Policy you will not be able to be a part of a Ignition Global search or assessment project. You may exercise these rights by contacting your Ignition Global Consultant. Ignition Global will comply with any request as required by law.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, complaints or suggestions you might have regarding the information or practices described in this Policy. You may contact us by sending a message to