Strategic Talent Planning: How to stay ahead in the competitive shipping industry

Based on our recent poll 58% of people believe the shipping industry faces a talent crunch on shore today, 22% forecasting it within the next 3 to 5 years and the rest believe there is no imminent crunch.

One of the trends I’ve found during my 15 years in talent acquisition in the shipping industry is that when you hunt for a ‘unique’ talent, many firms often find themselves wanting to hire similar profiles at the same time.

This competition leads to a ‘talent crunch’ and shows the importance of strategic talent planning.

So how can companies better prepare themselves? How do you set yourself up to gain a competitive advantage through talent?

Some best practices I’ve observed from the most successful people-centric organisations include:

Talent Development
👀 Early identification : recognise the high potential employees early on. Nurture them and help them to grow into the roles that fit their skill sets and aspirations
📖 Continuous learning : invest in training and encourage employees to develop and expand themselves

Strategic Oversight
⚙️ Alignment : ensure talent acquisition strategy compliments broader strategic business goals
🔀 Succession planning : regularly review the key positions in your organisation. Map out current and future potential replacements. Strategise for external hiring if gaps emerge
🔎 Proactive hiring : go beyond immediate business needs by forecasting for pivotal roles or skills for the future and build a pipeline of developing talent

Cultural Factors
💡 Engaging work environment : create an inclusive, engaging, and growth-oriented work environment. This not only retains talent but also attracts external talent who value a positive and progressive work culture

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