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As a maritime leader, you’re no stranger to the swift currents of change. Markets, politics, digitalisation, regulations, and societal shifts — all these affect the traditional and conservative maritime industry, putting the onus on you to steer your company towards continued success. It’s clear: Innovation isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity. And at its core? A diverse, motivated, future-ready team.

But we know the struggle. 90% of the time, traditional recruitment methods might work. Yet, it’s those tricky few that can steer your ship off course.

Enter Ignition Global.

We’re not just another recruitment agency. We are the only pure-play search firm dedicated to the shipping & maritime market. We specialize in finding those hard-to-get talents that transform businesses. From Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups, our bespoke services have been the keystone for industry leaders for over a decade. And with 88% repeat business, our track record speaks volumes.

Our mission? To help maritime leaders like you navigate periods of change by identifying and hiring specialized talent: business leaders and future leaders of the industry. We don’t claim to be a ‘one-stop-shop.’ We’re specialists, dedicating our expertise to solving your most difficult talent acquisition challenges. With a proven ability to headhunt from 95-100% of any talent pool, we’re your compass in the complex world of talent acquisition.

As you scroll, discover how our Specialist Search, Executive Search, and Fractional Talent Acquisition services can be the beacon you need in these challenging times.

Specialist Search

For niche skill sets, confidential hires, and difficult to fill positions where standard recruitment methods don't deliver results. Our Specialist Search product means you make the best possible hire. Every time.
You get the brilliant basics of a robust executive search with faster delivery at a lower cost. We maintain a rigorous head hunting process, a transparent partnership and absolute commitment to deliver.

Fees charged at 25%* of annual remuneration
3 month guarantee

Executive Search

For a handful of key positions in your organisation the quality of hire is imperative. The most rigorous search and selection process is required. Our Executive Search product combines best in class head hunting with professional psychometric profiling, independent reference checking and face to face interviews along with an extended guarantee. Fees charged at 30%* of annual remuneration with a 6 month guarantee or 33%* of annual remuneration with a 12 month guarantee.

Fractional Talent Acquisition

For organisations making multiple hires or lacking internal resources for executive talent acquisition projects. Our Fractional Talent Acquisition product places one of our Consultants in your organisation as an extension of your team. You leverage our global network, connectivity and resources for your executive hiring and market intelligence needs. Fees charged at day rates from £800* for Talent Acquisition Partner and £1,500* for Talent Acquisition Director. *Estimated fees only. Bespoke pricing based on your requirements will be provided following a consultation call.

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