December: the most magical time of year for job seekers

In December the hiring market gets turned upside down

For 11 months certain employers only want to hire people who are already in work

In December this gets turned on its head…

This is the time of year when being unemployed gives you an advantage

There are hundreds of unfilled jobs. Some of them need people desperately

Anything that didn’t need someone to start yesterday (or isn’t a key strategic hire or close to offer) is probably on hold until the new year

The jobs being recruited now really need people and they are shorter than ever of so called “passive” candidates

Anyone who is employed in the maritime market is going to be thinking about year end bonus, upcoming holidays, or completing pressing projects before deadlines. They lack the incentive to try changing jobs

No doubt being unemployed is tough. There is the financial aspect and there is the mental challenge. It isn’t fair that certain employers are like the bank that will only lend money to people who don’t need it: they only want to hire those who are already in work

But for the last 14 years ever since I started in the maritime sector, I have seen more people start work at short notice in December than any other month

It always happens every year and if you are in that situation now it could happen for you

So if you are job searching, now is the time to up your efforts

Be positive, be flexible, be prepared to start the next day and you have a great chance


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