Identifying future leaders : the talent gap

During London Shipping Week, a conversation with a commercial shipping CEO shed light on a pressing issue.

They have great leaders and promising newcomers. But there’s a big gap in the middle.

It turns out, they’re not alone. From conversations with industry peers, the ‘generational gap’ is a growing challenge for many.

Key Observations:

  • As we prepare for the future, there’s a significant emphasis on nurturing Gen Z. We want new talent. That’s important.
  • Flatter organizational structures are creating fewer early career management opportunities, which may exacerbate the gap.
  • It’s essential to recognize that today’s middle-tier professionals are tomorrow’s industry leaders. But if we only focus on long-term development, we overlook an immediate challenge: Who’s ready to step into leadership roles in the imminent 1 to 3 years?

Selecting future leaders isn’t merely about age or years of experience. Growth trajectories vary. In commercial shipping, while reputation is essential, a leadership role demands the right cultural fit.

The ‘generational gap’ isn’t just a gap; it’s an opportunity to identify and onboard your future leaders. Some of the premier players in commercial shipping partner with Ignition Global and leverage our strategic talent acquisition solutions to hire their future leaders.

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